Nursery Manager - South East Manager

Josh has been absolutely amazing over the past few months with supporting us to find new staff. We contacted Josh @ Daisy Chain and a number of other agencies when we needed to recruit some extra staff.

Josh was the only one that responded quickly and wasted no time in getting on the case.

Over the past few months he has sent us many Cv’s for us to look at & interview candidates who were suitable.

We are happy to say that we are now fully staffed and have taken on 6 new staff members from Josh (Daisy Chain)

Thanks Josh!

Manager - South East London

“As we all know the struggle is real with finding qualified and high quality staffing - I was given the go-ahead to source staffing from different agencies. I have signed up with Daisy Chain, where Josh was able to support me high quality and experience staffing.

I can highly recommend the company, especially Josh as well as Anna whom has walked a very challenging two weeks with us. We were really short staffed, they both supported us to appoint quality ladies. They were both extremely professional as well as well organised. “

Felicity – Room Leader

I worked with Natalie, whom is an excellent consultant. I have worked in early years for a long time and she is one of the best. She is patient and dedicated, to helping you find the right job for you. Unlike other agencies, they aren't pushy and they listen to your needs. I couldn't recommend daisy chain highly enough.


Needing help to find a job in the area I just moved to, I felt overwhelmed and out of my depth searching! Then the wonderful Josh gave me a call, saying he had found my CV on indeed, and had a job just up the road from where I live. He made the process so easy for me, and he was incredibly supportive even when I was being so silly with nerves about my interview! His skills and knowledge are second to none, and his people skills are faultless! I would highly recommend this agency to any of my friends who are looking for work, any nurseries looking for staff, they will absolutely not disappoint or let you down! I cannot thank Josh enough for helping me find the most incredible nursery! Thank you xx

Rachel – Nursery Nurse

I found Daisy Chain Childcare Recruitment very proactive and supportive. They organised lots of interviews for me so I had plenty of job opportunities. Josh Laybourne and Natalie Fanshawe were both great and did their utmost to get me into a good Nursery job. It took a real weight off my shoulders & made getting a job so much easier. Thanks for all your help!

Manager – South Croydon

I would recommend daisy chain recruitment to anyone. Perfect communication, understand both the candidates needs as well as the nursery.

Thank you for all your hard work

Allison - Nursery Manager

Just wanted to say thank you! With a national shortage in qualified Nursery Practitioners I honestly thought we will be searching for months however, you and your team worked with us and found suitable staff in minimal time. You listened to our requirements and helped us recruit committed dedicated practitioners that have fitted seamlessly into our growing team and we couldn’t thank you enough. We couldn’t be happier with the service provided and have been recommending you to others.

Shila - Nursery Manager

We would like to say how impressed we are with the service you provide for our nursery. Great communication and thank you for providing us with high quality staff.

Finance Director - Dulwich

Thank you for such professional service with Daisy chain. Josh, David and your team have been great! Wish you a great weekend ahead.

Natasha - Deputy / Nursery Manager

I wanted to personally write a review on your employee Osha. Osha has been a wonderful recruitment officer. She has been very profession but most of all understanding. She has always taken my needs and wishes into consideration. Osha is very easy to approach and will always try her very best to accommodate me wherever possible. Osha has always wished me the best of luck before interview and always strived to get my feedback. Keep up the good work Osha!!!!

Sofia – Nursery Nurse

Anna helped me a lot!!!! I took the job from the first interview she arranged me!!!

Fatima – Room Leader

I worked with Anna and she was absolutely fantastic. She went above and beyond and got me the exact job and salary and I was looking for. Absolutely fantastic service. Would 100% recommend Daisy Chain to others.


Josh was very supportive and encouraging in tips on how to smash my interview. Daisy chain really care about getting you as an individual the right job for you at the right setting and invest in the time and effort rather than just the business side of things. I highly recommend them as the best recruitment agency I have ever worked with and have used quite a few in my career progression.


After months without results, Anna came to save me with her advice and sweetness. She gave me hope and helped me to gain confidence. I truly recommend Daisy Chain, it changed my life by helping me to find an amazing job in an a gorgeous place. I only have to say THANKS for everything


Although my difficult situation in finding a job which will fit in with my future studying hours for my University course, Daisy Chain gave me an opportunity to work in a childcare setting which matches with my passion for working in that environment. I have been followed step by step from some empathetic, friendly and reliable professionals.

Always ready to listen, support and motivate me.

To finish, a special thank you to Josh who created and helped fulfil this opportunity.


An absolutely amazing company and a massive thank you to Josh for helping me find a job! After a long time at the same company it was worrying trying something new but Josh was fabulous and helped me every step of the way! Thank you


I would like to personally thank Anna Soo Soo Much for everything that she has done for me in this short time she has been like a fairy godmother.

Thank you for your great support and service keep up the amazing work guys.


I worked with Anna and she was absolutely fantastic. She went above and beyond and got me the exact job and salary and I was looking for. Absolutely fantastic service. Would 100% recommend Daisy Chain to others.


I'm so great full for the opportunity and help I have received from daisy chain recruitment! Anna was lovely, friendly and made me feel so at ease like I could beat the world I feel special again and I am back into work, Thanks so much amazing agency so quick and supported all the way through thanks again Drew


Anna was really efficient and quick in helping me secure a great job and I am so thankful for her help! Thanks again